Dear Executives,

Arizona has been given a directive to “shelter-in-place” as of 5pm, March 31st.  Residential real estate agents are EXEMPT at this time however, as we are listed as an essential service.  Fortunately, a great many executives already work in home offices, but in the event you need the services provided by a regional office, we have you covered.

Realty Executives planned for the potential order and as a result your Executive Service Center (ESC) is prepared to provide you with the support services you depend on to run your business while following the CDC, federal and state requirements to keep people safe.

Your AOM’s have expressed a steadfast commitment to serve you during this time and have collaborated with leadership to maintain services at the offices.  Several requests to assist in their safety include asking Executives to use their access key cards for entry into the offices.  The doors will be locked otherwise to the general public.  Procedures designed by our AOM’s will provide for your packages and deliveries to be received while maintaining safety for their health.  New procedures for disinfecting and sanitizing the offices are being implemented.

Throughout the 55 year history of Realty Executives we have all experienced a great many challenges. As business professionals and Americans we have risen to take on each threat, and we have persevered. This challenge will not defeat us. 

Realty Executives was built on the premise of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and we trust and honor the choices you make for yourself and your business. There appears to be strong opportunities within this market as evidenced by escrow openings being down only slightly from this time last year.  

We encourage you to stay safe and follow the CDC recommendations for “social distancing”.  Along the way, we will be here beside you both personally and professionally.

Yours with respect and admiration,

Realty Executive Phoenix, Yuma Leadership Team