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The exclusive Realty Executives Launch Mentoring Program is designed with a singular intent: To equip newly licensed agents to become experts as quickly as possible and close six transactions in the shortest time possible. The program includes regular classes filled with content designed to guide you on the practical steps of acquiring and converting leads quickly and efficiently as well as navigating the contract process. In addition to having access to a team to support your career, you will also work one-on-one with a mentor who is very experienced and has a successful track record of their own. These mentors work with you regularly to help you build your business as well as support you in the day to day activities that agents engage in.

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While deciding which brokerage to join a few years ago, the main thing I was looking for was some hands on guidance. I spoke with Pat Harfst about the mentor/mentee program that Realty Executives offered to all new agents. The fact that there were in-person classes and hands on learning was fantastic. You learn at an easy pace and there is always a broker to answer any of those rookie questions that come up in the field. 

 Fast forward a few years and now I am a Mentor to two agents working on their first few sales.

They know they can call anytime and get help. I also learned how much I like being a Coach.

Joy Coleman

Real Estate Agent, Mentor, Realty Executives

As a new agent, and recent graduate of the Arizona School of Business & Real Estate, I was fortunate to align myself with Realty Executives and their highly rated Executives Mentorship Program.

Mentorship was a key component I sought out when interviewing close to two dozen brokerage firms in the greater Phoenix area.  The Mentorship training was thorough and encouraging as it provided connections with our affiliated business partners, fellow Realtors, and our beyond supportive staff. 

My Mentor, Jessica Dembrosky, inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone, measure my progress and to exceed expectations at every turn.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and was awarded “Rookie of the Year” for my first year at Realty Executives.  

Vikki Gorman

Real Estate Agent, Realty Executives

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