TransactionDesk Has Officially Launched!

Here’s a weekend survival guide:

Benefits & Implementation Plan 

Executives, we have officially launched the Full Version of Transaction Desk. We are excited about the features and benefits of the program as it relates to making your life easier, helping you provide better communication to your clients, increasing your productivity and more. Skyslope has been phased out in lieu of the One Stop Shop that Transaction Desk offers.

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TransactionDesk Quick How-To Videos

TransactionDesk Training Videos

August 5th  – Noon

August 13th – 10 for TCs

August 31st – 11am

Sept 14th – 10am 

Oct 1st – 10am 

August 10th – 1pm

August 17th – 11am

Sept 2nd – 1pm Deep Dive – Added

Sept 17th – 10am 

Oct 8th – 10am

August 12th – Noon

August 20th –  for Property Managers

Sept 10th – 10am

Sept 21st – 10am 

Oct 26th – 10am

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You have Successfully Subscribed!