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Thank you for contacting Arizona BINSR Repair LLC. Our goal is to “Make it EZ” and simplify your BINSR process by giving you the best experience possible and providing you with the most professional service team in the Valley.  

  • We handle all of your BINSR needs. (Sorry we don’t do pool repairs/service.)
  • We guarantee 24 hour turn around on most estimates requested.
  • We offer multiple payment options including the ability to accept payment through escrow.
  • Only $75 for an estimate that has a BINSR attached. We charge $100 if you need an entire inspection report summary quoted. If you move forward with our services we will directly credit you the initial cost of the estimate toward the repairs.

If you would like to proceed with an estimate, please send your BINSR, inspection report and any pictures to REAZ@azbinsr.com , and we will send you an estimate for services shortly!

Thank you for contacting Arizona BINSR Repair LLC. 

Arizona BINSR Repair LLC team



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